Connect Workshops

  1. Effective Internal Marketing in a New Digital Age

Company’s consist of two customers; external and internal. Companies often forget the importance of their internal customers, their employees. Employees need to invest in a company’s marketing strategy, their attitude and approach need to communicate something about the company and the message communicated needs to be unified.

With an internal marketing strategy, employees are treated as “internal customers” who must be educated about the company’s vision and worth just as aggressively as “external customers.”

Effective internal marketing can:

  • Amplify marketing messages using an internal network
  • Ensure total understanding of the organization and brand with its people

The goal of internal marketing is to align every aspect of a company’s internal operations to ensure they are as capable as possible of providing value to customers.

  1. Cross-Marketing – More Juice, Less Squeeze

This is a look into collaborative business and marketing models where like-minded entities can work closely offering similar yet different services and expertise in the same space.

Do more, without over extending your people and expand your opportunity reach.

  1. Strategic Thinking in Marketing

Start with the “Why” we do things, instead of How or What we do.

Some businesses take 10% of their time finding the question, and then 90% of the time answering it… while effective businesses tae 90% of the time finding the RIGHT question, and the remaining 10% of the time answering it.

  1. KickStrat – Idea workshop and Brainstorm

We conduct tailored workshops to brainstorm new ideas and concepts prior to development and launch.

In this workshop, we run through the idea, the plan and proposed execution. Our team will also assess the opportunity of this product/service in the market space.

  1. Turning ‘Sales People’ into Relationship Managers

Our methodology behind this is understanding the fact that sales is not something you do, but rather is the result of being an effective relationship manager.

The session is aimed to cover all 3 of the phases intended for the audience, which are:

Phase 1:

Change in mindset from being a sales person to a relationship manager

Phase 2:

Shift in focus from what you are selling and a quick sale, onto who you are dealing with.

Phase 3:

You and your voice as a tool – understanding it, how to use it and how to improve it.

Equip your client facing staff to become ‘that person’ in your space for your clients, and your client will be wasting their time looking anywhere else.