Mike Hewan – Head of Black Snow Connect

Mike Hewan has been appointed as Head of Black Snow Connect by Johannesburg-based marketing and branding agency, Black Snow Group.

Mike, who is an experienced Marketing, Sales and Experience Consultant, has been interested in building new brands/businesses for as long as he can remember.

His first taste of owning his own business was while still at University, where he started and ran a Phantom Shopping and Customer Satisfaction Tracking company which boasted some very big household brands amongst its clients.

From there, Mike’s keen interest in cycling led him to co-founding Complete Cyclist a cycling retail brand which is now one of the largest in South Africa.

Mike has a passion for customer experience and believes that sales is linked to everything. He adds that “Most of what we do is some form of ‘selling’, but in a company, nearly everybody at one point or another is client facing and plays a role in a client-to-business or business-to-business relationship.”

Says Clinton Muir, Managing Director of Black Snow Group: “In a competitive market, it is more important than ever to be able apply strategic retail thinking to the Internet of Things (IOT). We are very excited to have Mike join our team of strategic marketers as more and more clients are seeing the value of strategic retail marketing in today’s digital world. His strategic skills, passion and experience will add even greater value for our clients.”

Black Snow Connect is a customer-focused, industry-savvy, marketing activation agency that focuses on activating brands through shopper marketing, consumer promotions and retail activations.

For further information about our service offerings, visit www.blacksnowconnect.com or for more information about the Black Snow Group, visit the group website www.blacksnowgroup.co.za or tel: 086 011 0063.