SEMSEYE – Solution for Brands and Retailers

SEMSEYE provides an integrated Hardware, Software and Analytics solution to accurately count people.

In January 2016, Black Snow Connect became the principal reseller of SEMSEYE Solution for South Africa. With the announcement coming shortly after Clint Muir (Black Snow Group MD) and Mike Hewan (Head of Connect) launched the company, it looks as if things are off to a cracking start for Connect!

Last year, at in international event (Challenge up), SEMSEYE took centre stage alongside global brand partners Cisco, Google, Intel and Deutsche Telekom. SEMSEYE, dubbed Google Analytics for retailers and shopping malls, also ran a pilot with Intel in the Dublin Croke Park Sports stadium as well as in Dublin’s museums and libraries, where SEMSEYE was used to monitor visitor flows. Concurrently, Deutsche Telekom installed SEMSEYE in five flagship stores in Romania and two in Poland.

Similarly to the Internet of Things (IOT), which refers to connectivity of smart devices/cameras/beacons (things) giving them the ability to sense and report back, the SEMSEYE system uses smart sensors and cameras which are connected via the internet to an analytics driven IOT cloud platform, providing virtual real time footfall data integrated with external contextual information such as weather, POS, media and loyalty programmes.


These days, retailers are looking for new and different ways to get shoppers back into the shops, increase the profit margins from brick and mortar shopping and prevent “Showrooming” – where consumers use shops to check out products only to purchase them later online. By providing retailers with live tracking and reporting that until now only online stores could tap into, SEMSEYE can assist retailers to achieve these goals – Shopping Malls, Airports And Exhibitions.

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Benefits of our solution:

  • We improve visitor conversion levels, such as client’s baskets
  • Measure sales and marketing effectiveness and client’s loyalties
  • Place retail marketing in most effective times and spaces
  • Optimise retail working hours and staff scheduling

“Game changing” as we at Black Snow Connect call it… Contact us today for a free demo and presentation.